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As we close in on 100 years, our focus expands into maximizing our field to table vertical integration.  With the addition of rice ingredients into our portfolio, our farmers can now offer more of their clean label, non genetically modified, gluten free, products into additional industry sectors.

PRI products fall into two basic categories, flour and extruded crisp rice.  Within each category, we have developed a variety of rice based ingredients that differ in functionality, viscosity and composition.  Our flours and blends are utilized in a wide variety of products from crackers and chips, to soups and sauces.  Our extruded or crisp rice is developed to provide crunch and texture or mouth-feel, and is often used to replace higher cost ingredients such as nuts and grains.  The most common uses of crisp rice include: nutrition bars, baking recipes, prepared or ready to eat foods, cereals and snack products.

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